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Water Damage Can Be Overwhelming in Your Daytona Beach Residence

6/16/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Damage Can Be Overwhelming in Your Daytona Beach Residence Don't let your apartment get overcome by water damage. Contact SERVPRO today for remediation assistance.

Plumbing Leak in Your Daytona Beach Apartment

Water loss incidents and emergencies can come from a variety of sources, and plumbing failure can be among the most catastrophic of these sources in your Daytona Beach apartment. Even a small leak can quickly begin to pool and spread throughout your unit, beginning at the breach and moving out in every available direction. Overcoming this spread often involves professionals who can work quickly to contain the effects before too many other apartments also share these compromised conditions.

Even with a fast reaction from the apartment owner to shut off the main supply of water to the Daytona Beach property, in most cases, substantial water damage exists already. Our SERVPRO professionals understand the value of a fast response to substantial loss incidents, especially those that could affect more than one residence at a time like a plumbing break in a shared wall. With sophisticated detection tools and mitigation equipment, we can begin to restore these effects from the time that we first arrive.

As is the case with all plumbing breaches, our technicians must work quickly from the time that we arrive to determine the source of the water damage throughout the unit. We have multiple moisture content readers, thermal and infrared cameras, and even leak detection equipment to utilize audio cues to narrow the precise point of a break in the plumbing pipes. Once the source has gotten identified, our contractors can carefully remove a small portion of drywall to access this breach and repair it.

Cleaning up the excess water and drying out saturated elements is also an important step of this recovery of your apartment, and the faster these effects get addressed, the less that neighboring units become susceptible to damage as well. Our SERVPRO professionals have advanced extraction and drying equipment to make water loss incidents “Like it never even happened.”

With how quickly water damage effects can spread throughout a property, it is important to secure the services of our SERVPRO of South Daytona Beach / Port Orange team immediately. Give us a call anytime that you need us at (386) 788-0358.

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Stop Suffering Through Fire Damage Remediation in Your South Daytona Residence

5/30/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Stop Suffering Through Fire Damage Remediation in Your South Daytona Residence Fires can occur at anytime in your South Daytona home. Contact SERVPRO today for all fire damage remediation needs.

Improving Odors and Air After a South Daytona Structure Fire

Indoor air quality is often a considerable concern after fire loss incidents occur in South Daytona properties. Without the appropriate measures taken immediately after a fire gets extinguished, damaging effects can spread throughout the entire property. Not only does this leave widespread effects like soot and smoke residues to combat, but it also can allow smoke and other harsh odors to move through the property via ductile systems to affect multiple rooms of the house.

With these potentially hazardous effects after fire damage in your South Daytona home, it is important to get the right personnel and restoration specialists working to improve conditions and indoor air quality within your property after the incident. Our SERVPRO professionals have an extensive inventory of recovery and mitigation equipment, including many units designed to combat air quality threats and odors after many types of disaster.

Odors are a common effect that threatens comfortable living for families even when the other damages from a fire did not force relocation. Not only can these noxious odors spread through multiple floors, materials, and rooms, they can also require specialized equipment and focused efforts to overcome. The technicians that we dispatch to your property arrive with many units capable of addressing odors from thermal and UV foggers to our ozone machines.

Our professionals also commonly utilize hydroxyl generators on account of their filtering ability to improve indoor air quality combined with their function of reducing harsh odors present around the unit. With a higher concentration of particulates, debris, soot, and smoke residue particles moving through the affected environment, equipment like the hydroxyl generator can work to begin filtering out hazardous content from the house while also preparing for the deodorization efforts to follow.

We strive to provide every customer with a comprehensive recovery experience that begins with a full assessment of their property and continues through restorative efforts like air quality purification and deodorization of affected areas, materials, and contents of a home. Our SERVPRO of South Daytona Beach / Port Orange professionals are available 24/7 by calling (386) 788-0358.

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Our Crew Can Handle Any Size Disaster In Your Daytona Beach Warehouse

5/20/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Our Crew Can Handle Any Size Disaster In Your Daytona Beach Warehouse Trust in our SERVPRO of South Daytona Beach / Port Orange professionals to make water loss effects “Like it never even happened.”

Large Loss Water Recovery For Your Daytona Beach Warehouse

As part of a large loss recovery crew, we can offer Daytona Beach commercial properties and massive warehouse spaces a level of restoration and mitigation that can make a difference quickly for their business. When water loss incidents occur in these substantial commercial structures, it can quickly move to areas beyond the initial source to become costly and hazardous conditions. Whenever these loss incidents occur, it is important to work quickly to recover the effects and to protect the stored stock inside of the facility from irreparable damage.

With so many warehouses throughout the Greater Daytona area, water loss incidents that can affect these facilities is more and more of a common threat for our professionals to face. When severe weather systems get factored into the equation as well, widespread water loss emergencies in Daytona Beach are a credible threat for businesses. We know how important it's to get your company back up and running again quickly after a disaster, so our SERVPRO professionals arrive with an array of equipment to begin vital mitigation work with our initial visit, no matter when these emergencies occur.

Our readiness for these disasters can help us to get the right personnel on site to protect the inventory and stock that you have in the warehouse from rising waters or the hazards of standing water and saturation. We have high-powered extraction tools to begin addressing these pooling water threats immediately, such as our truck-mounted and gas-powered pumps that can remove water at a fast rate.

Our SERVPRO Contents Department can work to safely move all at-risk items from the facility to prevent further damages or exposure. The more that we can protect and preserve your products, the less of a financial loss that the incident becomes for your business.

It has always been our business to get you back in business, and this commitment can get seen in our fast response and industry-leading equipment. Trust in our SERVPRO of South Daytona Beach / Port Orange professionals to make water loss effects “Like it never even happened.” Give our crew a call anytime at (386) 788-0358.

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Make Your Water Damage Remediation in Port Orange Dreams Become a Reality

5/7/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Make Your Water Damage Remediation in Port Orange Dreams Become a Reality Water damage can cause trouble in a variety of places. It can also be tough to manage alone. Contact SERVPRO today for remediation needs.

Water Damage Restoration for Your Port Orange Home

The kitchen in your Port Orange home is the center of all your family’s activity and where you enjoy the company of friends. Your kitchen is essential to your home, but an ugly truth balances it – your kitchen holds a variety of water lines, pipes, and appliances which use water, so spills and leaks are always possible and sometimes can cause unsightly water damage. One such area you need to keep an eye on is your kitchen sink.

If you spotted a leak around your kitchen sink you need to find the source right away and get help cleaning and restoring the water damage in your Port Orange kitchen. SERVPRO, a professional water damage remediation company, is here to help you anytime you need. With our trained staff and industrial tools, we can have your kitchen looking as if nothing ever happened in no time.

Your sink is obviously where the most water is likely used in your kitchen, so it holds the most significant risk of causing water damage. Performing some routine essential maintenance can help you avoid any big disasters. It is very easy to overlook the space under the sink cabinet where you store all the cleaning supplies, but if you miss a leak under your sink, severe water damage can be the result.

Drying the walls and floors behind or underneath your kitchen sink cabinet can sometimes be tricky. The wall behind the cabinet can take additional time to dry since there are multiple layers of drywall and cabinet backing. If the cabinet has no back, SERVPRO technicians may drill holes in the wall to let the air circulate inside the wall cavity. Once we are sure it is dry, we cover or patch the hole. When the cabinet has a back, the drying times are extended due to the multiple layers that became wet.

The area under your cabinet usually referred to as the toe kick, is typically made of a less expensive material than the cabinet itself. Base molding might be mounted on the front of the toe kick. We need to remove the base molding and drill holes into the toe kick so the air can flow underneath the cabinet. Once the drying process is complete, we replace the base or toe kick.

SERVPRO of South Daytona Beach/Port Orange is available to help you clean up the mess of a leaky sink in your home in Allandale, Ponce Inlet, or South Daytona anytime you need us. Just reach out by dialing (386) 788-0358 as soon as you find the issue so we can get your home back to the way it was before the incident.

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Professional Fire Damage Remediation is Critical to Reduce Restoration Time and Costs

4/24/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Professional Fire Damage Remediation is Critical to Reduce Restoration Time and Costs SERVPRO of South Daytona Beach / Port Orange can restore your fire damaged home to its preloss condition.

Protecting Your South Daytona Condo After a Fire 

When it comes to the many damaging effects of a fire that can spread throughout your South Daytona condo after the disaster, protecting unaffected or lightly affected areas of your property is critical to reducing restoration times and costs. Our team can respond immediately to fire loss incidents with the tools and personnel to help, setting up vital containment strategies to keep damaging effects from moving farther throughout your unit. 

With the often expensive and premium materials used to construct areas like the kitchen of your South Daytona condo, fire damage can become costlier and costlier to overcome without reducing the spread of these harmful effects through the property. Physical containment barriers with thick plastic sheeting and the use of our SERVPRO filtration equipment like ozone machines or hydroxyl generators can help to reduce the presence of smoke and soot particulates and other indoor air quality concerns from the environment. 

Our focus is always to preserve and restore installed materials on-site when possible to reduce or eliminate the need for demolition and reconstruction. While we do have a full-service construction team capable of renovating the entire unit, including reinstalling drywall, electrical components, and painting, it is important to us to keep the costs low and the time as short as possible when restoring and recovering fire damaged properties throughout our service area. 

Another way that our fast response can help to protect your property when a fire has occurred is through our thorough inspections of the condo as soon as our SERVPRO team arrives. Areas like the HVAC system, which can often benefit from cleaning after a widespread fire takes place, can get addressed by our same group of cleaning technicians dispatched to handle the other pressing concerns of the fire in the property.

We understand the investment that owners have made in the premium construction and building materials of their condos throughout the Daytona coastline. Our SERVPRO of South Daytona Beach / Port Orange rapid response team can help to protect your property and make these effects “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call today at (386) 788-0358.

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The Real Story Behind South Daytona Flood Damage Remediation

4/21/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage The Real Story Behind South Daytona Flood Damage Remediation When flooding affects the living space in your home, mold damage can quickly follow. Contact SERVPRO for remediation and mold prevention.

Our Final Steps when Mitigating a Home for Flood Damage in South Daytona

Once we have completed all of the work involved in mitigating your South Daytona home, there remain a few final steps we need to finish before we leave your house and consider the job finished. We walk through your home where we performed the work and discuss any issues you might have, answering questions and providing additional information.

During this final inspection of your home that follows our flood damage mitigation work in South Daytona, our technicians pack up and remove the equipment we used to dry your home. They make notations of the final readings on various pieces of equipment, and mark each piece of machinery down as they place it back into one of our Green Fleet vehicles.

We also check one last time for problems with carpet installation, wooden trim, drywall seams, and other areas that we want to look perfect. If you see anything that concerns you, we ask that you bring it to our attention. We want all of our customers to be completely satisfied with their experience with us and the work we carry out for them. We are always here to discuss any concerns you might have and ensure that you always remain satisfied with doing business with us and interacting with our team.

As we inspect your home, we focus mainly on safety issues. These include protruding nails that might cause an injury, loose areas of carpet in corners or other areas of the room, gaps or other problems in drywall or paneling, loose hinges on cabinetry and interior doors, and different situations. We want to detect these before they ever become a problem for you or your family.

We rarely find any of the above situations, but if we do, we want to get the problem repaired as soon as possible. We can typically perform this before we leave, but if you wish, we can reschedule for the next day or soon after. Your convenience helps decide when this takes place.

When discovered issues fall under the responsibility of a subcontractor, we can help you in ensuring they respond promptly to carry out the necessary repair work and finish the job needed.

SERVPRO of South Daytona Beach / Port Orange is always ready to send out a team of flood damage specialists who are always prepared to mitigate the damage and make your Harbor Oaks or Allandale house a home again. Call us at (386) 788-0358, so we can help make the disaster a distant memory.

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Take Advantage of SERVPRO’s Experience Before Fire Damages Your Port Orange Business

4/15/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Take Advantage of SERVPRO’s Experience Before Fire Damages Your Port Orange Business Prepare your staff and property with our SERVPRO Emergency Ready Plan app!

Develop a SERVPRO ERP Today For Your Port Orange Business 

Like many other entrepreneurs in Port Orange, your business depends on residents and guests seeking entertainment, nourishment, or hospitality. Being open and available for your target audience is vital for your company's success. If you knew that consulting with an experienced disaster remediation firm ahead of a crisis could reduce the risk of even temporary closure, would you make that call for an evaluation?

Fire damage to your Port Orange hotel and restaurant could be the end of your business. Statistics bear out that nearly 50 percent of enterprises that decide to close even briefly to manage a fire or other catastrophic event risk never opening their doors again. We take on the negativity of that statistic with the positive, proactive approach of our Emergency Ready Plan and Profile (ERP).

Before any problems present, get in touch with SERVPRO. We send an experienced project manager to your site for a no-obligation assessment of your emergency readiness. Our manager walks through all areas of your business -- the hotel, restaurant, gift shop, pool, spa, business center, laundry room, and more. We develop a digital layout of your property and discuss your operations with you or one of your trusted employees. Expect us to reveal your vulnerabilities and encourage your strengths to prevent disaster and to help us be ready if a fire or other loss does occur.

Take our recommendations to be better positioned to manage a fire disaster seriously, and also use our mobile app to complete your own walkthrough. Identify the locations of utility shutoffs, and list vendors and contractors that provided and installed your equipment and systems so we can contact them for assistance to get your business back online. Declare SERVPRO to be your preferred remediation partner, and designate employees, family, or friends to act instead if you are unavailable during the fire emergency.

SERVPRO and you both hope never to need the ERP, but if a fire breaks out, our familiarity with your physical plant and operations helps us respond more efficiently. The Plan and Profile create a digital database our crews use for reference to speed resolution of your fire damage.

SERVPRO of South Daytona Beach / Port Orange is ready to plan for potential emergencies and to implement that design with all due speed. Call us at (386) 788-0358 to take steps to protect your business.

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Port Orange Renters, Flood-Damaging Contents, and SERVPRO

3/29/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Port Orange Renters, Flood-Damaging Contents, and SERVPRO Port Orange Flooding Damage? Call SERVPRO for Water Removal and Content Preservation

Restoring Your Flood-Damaged Port Orange Apartment

With the likelihood of severe weather system rolling in from the Atlantic Ocean, Port Orange property owners have a persistent threat of storm damage and subsequent flooding that comes with it. Preventing this situation can be impossible in some cases but having a professional team of certified professionals working to mitigate loss and save both your time and money can be a wise decision. With a 24/7 response to storm damage situations, our professionals can arrive fast with the equipment and expertise to lessen the impact on your apartment.

With your Port Orange apartment, flood damage can happen without direct structural damage to your specific unit. With adjoined ceilings, flooring, and even shared walls, water damage can penetrate multiple units quickly, which requires effective mitigation to reduce the devastating effects on the contents of your apartment and its structural integrity. Our SERVPRO professionals have a 24-hour emergency response to storm damages and flooding and can work with your insurance provider to get started on the restoration your property needs quickly.

With our mitigation tactics, we can work to reduce the damage that saturation and standing water can cause to your apartment. We have high-powered extraction equipment that can remove excess water fast, such as our extractor trucks, trash pumps, and other mobile pumps ideal for portable extraction solutions. With the standing water removed from your apartment, our professionals can work on the drying efforts to protect exposed structural elements and reduce the possibility of mold growth and other hazardous effects.

Our mitigation does not just encompass removing the pressing effects throughout your property, but also involve removing at-risk contents of your unit for focused cleaning and drying efforts at our facility. Our Contents Department can work efficiently to restore damaged items and prepare them for their return to your clean and dry apartment in the immediate future.

Flooding that affects apartment complexes can affect multiple units simultaneously. Let our SERVPRO of South Daytona Beach / Port Orange rapid response team help to make these flood effects “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call today at (386) 788-0358.

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Professional Fire Damage Restoration Services for Daytona Homeowners

3/22/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Professional Fire Damage Restoration Services for Daytona Homeowners Call SERVPRO as soon as the fire is out to minimize the loss and damage to your home and personal belongings.

Quick and Efficient Services Result in Less Loss

Your home can be quite a mess after the fire goes out. If the flames did not get to it, smoke, soot, and ash residues quickly make work of many materials found in your home. We understand how devastating these experiences can be and use several years of experience to return your Daytona home to normal.

If you are currently experiencing fire damage in your Daytona area property, contact us as soon as possible for emergency services with consistently fast, efficient, quality standards that help you make the best choices during difficult situations. Our goal is to get you back up and running as quickly as possible, avoiding any hazards or secondary damages that may develop. 

In the event of a fire loss, many of your personal belongings receive slight damage that makes it necessary to relocate damaged items to a clean, safe facility. SERVPRO calls these move or pack-out services, where we take salvageable items to a secure location to ensure a more effective, efficient restoration. We use an advanced inventory system to keep track of your belongings and treat each with specific methods designed to receive higher quality results. 

Moving your belongings also makes it easier for SERVPRO technicians to perform structure cleaning in your home. Even with the fire out, damage continues, causing further harm to your furniture, flooring, carpeting, and other surfaces. After only a few days, severe chemical reactions cause items to go from restorable, to unsalvageable. Our technicians use a variety of cleaning and deodorization methods to remove soot from at-risk items effectively, helping you avoid additional expenses. 

The faster you act, the more likely you are to receive the results you desire. Our IICRC-certified technicians understand how to restore brass, aluminum, chrome, marble, tile, porcelain, as well as many upholstery items found in the home. Our wide range of deodorization equipment such as air scrubbers and thermal foggers give us the ability to remove a broad variety of odors. 

We can also help you handle the paperwork for your insurance claim. However, most importantly, we take the time to explain our services in their entirety, helping you regain control, giving you the peace of mind knowing that professionals are on your side.

Contact SERVPRO of South Daytona Beach / Port Orange to begin your fire damage restoration as soon as possible. We service the entire area, including Port Orange and deliver quality services you can count on, call today. (386) 788-0358

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Dependable, Reliable, Mold Remediation Services Available in Daytona Beach

3/22/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Dependable, Reliable, Mold Remediation Services Available in Daytona Beach Mold growth can spread quickly when the right conditions exist. If you see or smell mold, contact SERVPRO for remediation services.

Our Technicians Determine the Cause of the Mold Infestation Before Remediation

Depending on the kind of material mold takes hold of, various types exist. In other words, the mold that develops on the concrete or masonry surfaces on your Daytona Beach property is an entirely different species than the mold that forms on your walls, plastic, or metallic surfaces. 

However, regardless of the amount or type that creates mold damage in your Daytona Beach area home, treatment remains the same. A qualified mold remediation specialist never looks at the species of mold in your home. They should instead, be looking for ways to make your home safe for you to live in again. 

Mold only needs three factors present to grow, water, food, and air. When even one is missing, mold can sit dormant for weeks, waiting for the right conditions exist. With that said, a qualified mold remediation company, like SERVPRO, is likely to look for the source of water intrusion causing the problem, before attempting to mitigate any damage that might exist. 

After locating the source causing the problem, SERVPRO technicians perform any necessary repairs and then move on to contain the spread. We use plastic sheeting to contain the infected area and position negative airflow machines to help capture airborne spores. Any saturated materials removed during your remediation process are placed in sealed bags while transporting and disposing of these materials is based on local, state, and federal guidelines.  

SERVPRO technicians clean and disinfect the entire area before installing new, making sure to maintain a clean, safe environment for anyone entering or exiting the area. We use personal protective equipment such as masks, gloves, boots, and full-body suits if necessary. It depends on the amount of exposure present and how large the affected area is. 

As we move into the final stages of your remediation, everything is cleaned and sanitized again to ensure cleanliness before finishing touches are made to return your home to normal. We check the air for spores several times throughout the process and even give you various tips on how to prevent future problems. 

Contact SERVPRO of South Daytona Beach for professional mold remediation services you can trust. We serve the entire area, including Port Orange, Harbor Oaks, and Allandale, call today. (386) 788-0358 

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