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Some Tips About Water Damage Remediation in Port Orange You Can't Afford To Miss

3/21/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged room Contact our certified SERVPRO team when water damage affects your home. Our technicians have the expertise to quickly dry out your home.

Heaters and Fans are Not Enough When Dealing with Water Damage

Taking care of your home does not completely shield you from unfortunate events. A tree branch that falls on your roof and breaks some tiles, a short in your electric panel, and even a faulty appliance can all leave you in need of professional services. Water damage is no exception, whether it comes from a leaky dishwasher hose or a broken toilet, and understanding that time is of the essence can be your first line of protection. Do not underestimate the power of water within your home. It can lead you to trouble you didn't even know possible.

To make a fair assessment of the water damage in your Port Orange home, you have SERVPRO at your service. Our technicians train in the classroom and on the field to recognize each unique situation and formulate restoration plans specific to each client. Call our 24/7 hotline as soon as the incident occurs, and involve us in protecting your home from the beginning. Only a professional team like ours can evaluate the consequences of the water damage from multiple perspectives and anticipate any subsequent complications that may arise. 

As simple as it sounds, removing excess humidity from your home is at the core of the restoration process. However, plugging in air circulators and space heaters is not sufficient, and may even be detrimental to your home. Excess heat may very well evaporate unwanted moisture, but it can also strip your floors from the humidity they need to stay in place. Our SERVPRO team knows how to set up and monitor heaters, fans, and dehumidifiers in a way that achieves the desired moisture levels without compromising any elements in your home. By separating your home by areas and their specific needs, we can achieve a full restoration while being mindful of the elements present in each area and their specific composition.

SERVPRO of South Daytona Beach/Port Orange is your guide as you address a water damage incident in your home. When you call us at (386) 788-0358, you encounter a team of experts ready to work for you. Together, we work very hard to make sure your home looks and feels, "Like it never even happened." 

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How SERVPRO Reduces Soot and Smoke Damage in Port Orange

3/9/2020 (Permalink)

Smoke and soot damage on walls and ceiling Did your home experience fire damage? Call SERVPRO for complete restoration.

Strategies to Reduce Soot Migration in Port Orange Homes 

Fire loss effects can be a challenging obstacle for Port Orange homeowners to have to live with, let alone the difficulty that even our experienced restoration professionals have in recovering the loss. When combustion of fuels like wood and coal occur, soot can get produced. This hazardous presence in your property requires containment, cleaning, and full removal. 

Understanding how soot and other fire damage in Port Orange homes get addressed can help you to be ready for all of the processes necessary to return your property to preloss condition. The skilled technicians of our SERVPRO team, combined with their years of experience and cutting-edge equipment, can help to both contain and control soot migration in the house. The strategies we use to reduce the severity of soot effects are: 

Fire Debris Removal  

One of the first steps that our technicians can take when we arrive at your fire-damaged home is to assess your need for debris removal. Structural damages can leave behind heaps of rubble and sediment, all of which can serve as catalysts for soot and smoke concentrations. To reduce soot particles and foul odors, it might begin with debris removal. 

Abrasive Cleaning Techniques 

Media and soda blasting are two techniques that utilize highly pressurized air or water to remove layers of soot residues and other oily soils. These cleaning techniques can also help to reduce odors in the immediate areas as well, helping abrasive cleaning to be mutually beneficial in different areas. 

Controlled Demolition  

While it is always most desirable to remove soot and other residues from materials and contents without incident, this is not always possible. Instead, our SERVPRO team often must make challenging choices to remove damaged walls, ceilings, and floors to reduce soot presence in the house and to start the path of rebuilding. 

While we also have capable equipment that we can put in place like our air scrubbers to catch soot particles in the environment, these strategies are effective in slowing the severity and spread of soot threats after a fire. Give our SERVPRO of South Daytona Beach / Port Orange team a call today at (386) 788-0358. 

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Flood Damage in Your Port Orange Home

2/26/2020 (Permalink)

Standing in flood water Our crews will have you out of the water in no time.

SERVPRO Knows the Steps to Take After Experiencing Flood Damage in your Port Orange Home

Floods are nothing new to most Floridians, and although our homes are built to withstand flooding, dealing with the aftermath is never pleasant. It may be particularly overwhelming if your house sustained other hurricane or storm-related damages, and you are suddenly faced with making insurance claims while you are attempting to restore your home. You need to mitigate further damage by dealing with issues quickly.

Flood damage in your Port Orange home most likely means that the floodwaters receded, and now you are left with the cleanup. As floodwaters belong to category three water, meaning they may carry dangerous illness-causing bacteria and contain contaminated debris.

The first two most important steps in mitigating microbial growth are:

1) Removing the moisture after the flood by thoroughly drying the environment and reducing humidity levels through the use of high-velocity air movers and dehumidifiers. 

2) Removing contaminated materials such as soaked drywall or carpet, to either be cleaned and restored offsite or to be disposed of safely.

After SERVPRO restoration technicians complete these two crucial steps, they use chemical agents to help control microbial growth. However, as noted by the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH), the use of chemical agents alone is not effective in attacking microbial growth, stressing the importance of the first two steps. With that said, chemical disinfectants play an essential part in slowing microbial growth where technicians suspect contamination.

It is important to:

1) Use an EPA-registered broad-spectrum disinfectant such as SERVPRO's Sporicidin®, Concrobium®, or Microban®. 

2) Pay attention to the product label, mixing accurate dilution ratios, and applying as specified.

3) To be effective, ensure physical contact with all contaminated areas and surfaces. This includes subfloor, tackless strip, walls, and wall bottom plates, even if direct contamination is not confirmed as these materials typically encourage microbial growth and odors. 

4) Make sure that the chemical solution dwells on surfaces for enough time to be effective according to the label. Technicians also maintain appropriate temperatures and pH levels for effectiveness. 

5) Apply a deodorizer like SERVPRO's Wintergreen® to carpets and fabrics to reduce potential odors after a flood.

During the cleanup process following a flood, SERVPRO restoration specialists ensure a safe work and living environment, wearing whatever personal protective equipment (PPE) deemed necessary and evacuating residents if needed. 

For 24/7 assistance, contact SERVPRO of South Daytona Beach / Port Orange (Florida License Biohazard: 64-64-1785570) at (386) 788-0358.

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Commercial Water Damage Port Orange – Preparation for a Fast Response

2/17/2020 (Permalink)

"Emergency plan" Our SERVPRO teams are always available and ready to help.

It’s Important to Always Have a Plan in Case of an Emergency in Your Port Orange Business

Imagine one of your employees has just arrived at work to discover a massive leak. Water is everywhere, and there is no way you can open for business. To make matters worse, he or she does not know whom to call for assistance, and the supervisor with the authority to call for help is not available. Meanwhile, water continues to gush into your commercial space. 

SERVPRO provides commercial water damage services in Port Orange and surrounding areas. We can respond on a 24 / 7 day a week basis, usually in less than four hours. Our fully equipped trucks are ready to go along with highly trained team members. We also offer our SERVPRO Emergency READY Profile to commercial customers to enable our response and restoration to be faster.

We are a Click Away

We designed the READY Program to be available on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Once prepared, the READY Profile, your employee can access the app on his or her phone or tablet, make a quick report and follow the agreed-to protocol for emergencies like this one. No further delays and damages are minimized.

Setting up the SERVPRO Emergency READY Profile is easy, and it is complimentary. Benefits for this Program include a preferred representative who is prepared to respond quickly to your call for help. Also included is guidance regarding what to do when disaster strikes and information regarding how to proceed when disaster strikes for you and your employees. The READY Profile includes accurate information such as phone numbers, location of keys to locked rooms, location of turnoff valves, and more.

We can be on-site fast, but lose valuable time without the necessary information about your commercial space and access to decision-makers. Make arrangements today to set up your SERVPRO Emergency READY Profile.

We also hold Contractor Licenses: Mold Remediation: MRSR515 Florida License, Biohazard: 64-64-1785570

Call SERVPRO of South Daytona Beach / Port Orange at (386) 788-0358 for 24/7 service. We proudly serve Harbor Oats, Wilbur-By-The-Sea, and surrounding areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Simple Steps to Effective Flood Damage Remediation in Port Orange

2/16/2020 (Permalink)

flooded living room Flooding can quickly engulf your living space. Contact SERVPRO for water removal and remediation efforts right away after an event.

Water Extraction Methods for Cleaning Flood Damage from Port Orange Properties

One of the main reasons to engage a professional restoration company is the equipment used to clean up flood damage. When this type of water intrusion happens in a home, it may contain bacteria, contaminants, or debris. 

SERVPRO technicians scope Port Orange properties for the scale of flood damage upon arrival. The techs determine with their moisture detection equipment areas of water collection and where they should concentrate extraction efforts. 

Controlled Demo is Frequently Necessary

Due to the materials that make up sheetrock, once it wicks water and begins to buckle or warp, it requires removal. Rather than take down the entire wall covering, SERVPRO technicians measure how far up into the building material water absorbed and remove it several inches above the highest point. This is known as a "flood cut" and assists with both extraction efforts and drying the structure.

Flood Water Gets Handled as a Biohazard

Because it carries a rating as a category three biohazard or "black water," this type of water intrusion gets handled carefully by SERVPRO techs. They have training and certification for handling biological hazards #64-64-1785570 and safely disposing of them. 

Rapid and Careful Extraction

The techs use different types of water removal equipment dependent on the amount of water to extract. Portable pumps allow the techs to move quickly around the loss area, and multiple units get used at once. Trash pumps are for wide-scale loss and can handle debris, mud, and solids. Submersible pumps assist when the water in the home is more than two inches in depth. 

Attention for Mold During Flood Loss Cleanup

While airborne mold spores are resident in most homes, they do not germinate because conditions are not right. After a flood loss in the house, the spores germinate and begin to spread as quickly as 24-hours after the first event. The techs hold certifications in mold remediation #MRSR515 and know the warning signs of an infestation and the preventative measures to take to avoid colony growth.

SERVPRO of South Daytona Beach / Port Orange at (386) 788-0358 is available 24/7 to handle any size flood damage. Their extensive array of equipment and experience allows them to restore your home to its preloss condition, "Like it never even happened."

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Restoring Your Port Orange Home After A Flood

1/30/2020 (Permalink)

flood damaged property Our experts strive to give you peace of mind through stressful processes like off-site content recovery.

Pack-Out Procedures to Restore Belongings from Port Orange Homes

When items are too severely impacted by flood losses to protect or restore on-site in Port Orange homes, they get removed from the premises with pack-out procedures. We load up these belongings and furniture and transport them to our warehouse nearby for focused attention and cleaning. It is vital not only to work to restore these items to their original condition but also to make sure they are appropriately stored and documented through every phase of this recovery.

You might be uneasy about allowing some of your treasured belongings to get removed from the house, despite the evident flood damage in your Port Orange property. We have developed a system for recovery that focuses on restoring your belongings promptly and then storing them safely until your flooded home has gotten returned to normal. The success of our content management division hinges on practical tracking techniques like proper documentation that keeps all parties involved aware of what items are in our possession and where these items physically are at any point.

Staging Areas
Staging areas allow our professionals to better organize all of the removed contents for what services are necessary in our SERVPRO warehouse or as these items are getting returned to your recovered residence. During this initial process, we can separate pieces that must get dried before they can get cleaned, large items that require multiple technicians to move safely, and belongings that need further assessment.

Documents and software help our SERVPRO team and our customers to know where their items are in the restoration process at any time. These same documents can detail the status of these belongings as well, indicating when other restoration practices are still necessary before the possession is ready to await the move-back process in storage.

Flooding can have a detrimental effect on many of the personal belongings in your house, but our SERVPRO of South Daytona Beach / Port Orange team can help. Our experts strive to give you peace of mind through stressful processes like off-site content recovery. No matter how we can help, give us a call anytime at (386) 788-0358.

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We Are Available 24/7 In Port Orange After A Fire

1/29/2020 (Permalink)

A burnt stove afre a fire Fire damage began on the stovetop in the kitchen of this home. We arrived right away and began proper restoration to prevent further damage.

(Why SERVPRO) Fire Damage Port Orange – Complete Restoration Service

When homeowners experience a fire in their home, many cannot imagine how their home can be repaired and restored to its original condition. There may be fire damage, smoke damage, odors from the smoke residue, and damage from the efforts of the firemen putting out the fire. Depending on the type of fire, there may be lots of water used to quell the fire or foam for grease fires and physical damage caused by the firemen looking for hotspots.

SERVPRO provides fire damage restoration services in Port Orange and the surrounding area. Our team of professionals is ready to respond at a moment's notice. We understand that a fast response can reduce the total amount of damage to these events. We also restore many items for our clients for several reasons. Items that are cherished heirlooms cannot be replaced. It is also often less expensive to restore various contents vs. replacing items.

Significant Advantages of Using SERVPRO

We respond on a 24 / 7-day basis aiming to be on site within 4 hours of your call. We have fully stocked trucks with the equipment needed to deal with fire damage to your home.

Our technicians are cross-trained in a variety of categories to meet every type of fire emergency. Training certification includes Fire and Smoke Restoration, Odor Control, Upholstery and Fabric Cleaning, and Water damage restoration.

SERVPRO follows a time tested process to ensure we provide the best service to meet the different needs of each fire event. After an initial inspection, we can provide board up and rooftop service, water removal, and drying, removal of smoke and soot from all surfaces, cleaning, repair, and restoration. We also are licensed contractors - Contractor Licenses: Mold Remediation: MRSR515 Florida License, Biohazard: 64-64-1785570

Call SERVPRO of South Daytona Beach / Port Orange at (386) 788-0358 for 24/7 service. We proudly serve Ponce Inlet, Harbor Oaks, and surrounding areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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When Flooding in Caused by Plumbing Failures in Port Orange

1/28/2020 (Permalink)

Burst pipe.  Water spewing out Plumbing failures can quickly cause a lot of water damage. We have the equipment and training for fast restoration.

Why Port Orange Residents trust SERVPRO for Prompt Flood Damage Restoration

Flooding is much more common during the winter months when rainfall prominent, and temperatures are low. During the holiday season, water inside pipes can freeze. When water freezes, it can cause pressure spots or expand during thawing and burst the pipe. This phenomenon is especially common for homeowners when they are away from the property for several days at a time. To mitigate potential pipe issues, you can shut off the water supply or put water heating on a timer for the length of time you are away from the property.

Sometimes accidents do happen, which is why there are professional services for flood damage here in Port Orange. A broken pipe can spew out hundreds of gallons of water in the property in a matter of hours. Fortunately, the water entering the home comes from a clean water supply, which can make the recovery process smoother as there are no biohazardous substances present for SERVPRO technicians to remove. You should be aware that a body of water contains microbes and is therefore likely to degrade without immediate intervention.

Making sure you have the correct insurance cover over the winter period is a valuable task to complete ahead of time. Water emergencies can strike at any time, but with insurance and trusted restoration service, the losses you sustain are controllable. SERVPRO works with your insurance adjuster throughout the facility to restore line with your coverage and limit damages as much as possible. It is one of the reasons each of our technicians operate with a restore over replace mentality.

Flood recovery can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks or months. During this period, you should try to avoid areas where flood restoration is ongoing. We understand how inconvenient floods can be, and SERVPRO works hard to keep inconvenience to a minimum. Generally, our efforts are concise and focused, which can speed up the recovery process. We can also place warning signs and physical barriers in the affected area and keep notifying you of the ongoing process to ensure you stay in the loop throughout.

Your plumbing system is vulnerable during the winter months. In an emergency, contact SERVPRO of South Daytona Beach / Port Orange at (386) 788-0358.

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The Most Overlooked Solution for Water Damage in Daytona Beach is a Call to SERVPRO

12/29/2019 (Permalink)

boat as a sofa in flooding interior SERVPRO offers many water extraction options to flood damage affected homeowners.  Call our team today for services.

Methods for Using Truck-Mount Pumps in Daytona Beach Homes

Pumping out water from your damaged Daytona Beach home might seem like a straightforward situation, but there are more levels and considerations than initially meet the eye. The considerable volume of water that our technicians must address might encourage the use of our truck-mount pump, but the choice in where or how water gets discharged from the property.

The equipment for water extraction in Daytona Beach homes and condos is instrumental to the speed and efficiency of water restoration. Our SERVPRO professionals typically use electric submersible pumps to offer continuous and quiet extraction efforts to control excessive water loss situations. When standing water exceeds several feet, more powerful extractors are necessary, such as our truck-mounted options.

Truck-mounted pumps are the most powerful extractors in our inventory of tools. Because these units can draw water from floors at 300 psi, it is the most direct path to fast water removal in widespread loss situations. There are two ways that we can set up the discharge of the water, as these machines are attached to large tanks.

Collecting Water 

We do not always need to dispose of standing water in your home away from the property. As the truck-mount pumps are attached to a high-capacity water tank, we can fill up these tanks and move them to a treatment facility or our warehouse for proper disposal.  

Bypassing the Tank 

The disadvantage of using the tank is multiple times it can fill up throughout substantial water removal projects. We can discharge standing water to the sanitary sewer or another appropriate disposal point by bypassing the main tank instead. You still get the power of this extraction machine without the limitations of its storage.

While not every disaster that requires extraction benefits from truck-mounted pumps, our team can choose the ideal tools for every water loss situation. You can count on our SERVPRO of South Daytona Beach / Port Orange team to utilize a range of water removal tools to make losses “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call today at (386) 788-0358.

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We're Faster To Any Size Disaster In Daytona Beach After A Fire

12/19/2019 (Permalink)

A stovetop covered in smoke and soot after a fire Fire damage began on the stovetop in the kitchen of this home. We arrived right away and used our state of the equipment to begin restoration.

Fire Damage Daytona Beach – Small Fires Can Lead to Lots of Damage

Whenever there is a fire in a home, the fire department arrives on site quickly and often has the fire under control within minutes. Examples are kitchen grease fires, small appliance fires, or even heating and cooling systems that malfunction igniting a fire. A fire can be contained quickly; however, a great deal of secondary damage is made extinguishing the fire.

SERVPRO responds to many of these fire damage situations in Daytona Beach. The firemen are doing their job! Failure to extinguish the fire might lead to catastrophic damage involving the entire home and possibly spreading to other homes next door. Many homeowners are overwhelmed and don't know where to even begin.

Our trained team of SERVPRO technicians understands the concerns of homeowners. We can take control of the situation and address all of the damage independently. Once the home is designated as safe to enter by the fire department, we can remove items damaged beyond repair. We catalog everything for later insurance claims.

Our crew chief assesses the home, the fire damage, and the repairs that are needed to return your home to its original state. As the fire is extinguished, there may have been water damage or chemical damage introduced by the fire department. Depending on where the fire started, smoke may have been contained to one section of the home. Or smoke is blown throughout the house by the air conditioning system. There may also be structural damage to walls, ceilings, and floors.

Our SERVPRO team can clean and dry all surfaces, make repairs as needed to structural elements, including replacing drywall and repainting. We also can deploy smoke deodorization equipment to remove all of the odors introduced in the home by the fire. Our professional team can return your home to its original condition, "Like it never even happened." We also are licensed contractors, Mold Remediation: MRSR515 Florida License, Biohazard: 64-64-1785570.

Call SERVPRO of South Daytona Beach / Port Orange at (386) 788-0358 for 24/7 service. We proudly serve Harbor Oaks, Ponce Inlet, and surrounding areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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