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Office Finds Mold During Move

A local office was rearranging their offices and unfortunately found that they had severe mold growth behind some of their desks. An Industrial Hygienist was ca... READ MORE

Roof Leaks in Daytona Beach

Trust the Daytona Experts Roof leaks are an all too common issue in the Daytona Beach area. Being in an area that is constantly battered by heavy rains and... READ MORE

Broken Pipe Ceiling Leak

Who do you call when it's raining indoors?A broken pipe on the second floor of this store in Daytona Beach almost ended in disaster, luckily the owner called SE... READ MORE

Water Damage in Historical Home

A broken water pipe in this Daytona Beach historical home nearly left the building in ruin. Luckily the damage was discovered and the building owners where able... READ MORE

Moldy Garage Beams in Port Orange

When closed up for the season, and lacking ventilation and a normal Relative Humidity of about 65%, a garage in Port Orange is inviting a mold infestation to oc... READ MORE

Port Orange Fire-Damaged Utility Shed

The utility shed attached to a manufactured home in Port Orange can easily catch fire if the gas-powered water heater is not maintained. Fortunately, an isolate... READ MORE

Storm Damage – South Daytona Hotel

Storm Damage at this South Daytona hotel resulted when the roof was damaged during a powerful thunderstorm. The roof received significant damage allowing a trem... READ MORE

Port Orange Water Damaging Results

The disruption to normal business goings-on is often the result when a flood occurs in a commercial building. Whether in Port Orange or another area of the Sout... READ MORE

Mold Damage – South Daytona Home

Mold damage at this South Daytona home was discovered when it began emitting that musty odor of mold and mildew. The mold infestation was discovered in a closet... READ MORE

South Daytona Garage Fire Causes a Lot of Damage

Homeowners still leave combustible liquids in their garages. Occasionally, ignition from a short or a spark from the tailpipe of a car can wreak havoc in a Dayt... READ MORE